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300 x 300mm Light Diffusing Film

Light Diffusing Film

Light Diffusing Film

재고 #17-682 신제품
KRW 87,750
수량 1-10
KRW 87,750
수량 11+
KRW 72,540
수량 가격
견적 요청

Dimensions (mm):
300 x 300 +5/-2
Thickness (mm):
0.13 ±0.005
Film Diffuser
Wavelength Range (nm):
300 - 1100
Protective film on both surfaces should be removed before use

Regulatory Compliance

제품군의 상세 설명

  • Diffusion of UV to NIR Illumination
  • Flexible Polymer Substrate
  • Easily Cut to Size
  • Glass Diffusers Also Available

Light Diffusing Film is constructed from TAC polymer material and provides diffusion of UV to NIR illumination. This film can be easily cut to size to meet application requirements and can be adhered to glass surfaces using optical adhesives. Light Diffusing Film is ideal for use in machine vision, visual inspection, and automated inspection applications to diffuse LED light sources, resulting in even illumination with no hotspots. Please contact us if your application requires custom sizes or lamination of Light Diffusing Film onto optical components such as optical windows, colored glass, and polymer polarizers.

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