Linen Testers

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Edmund Linen Testers Edmund Linen Testers
  • 접이식 포켓용 확대경
  • 블랙 아노다이징 처리된 알루미늄 하우징에 정밀 DCX 렌즈 장착
  • 뷰어 베이스 안쪽 면에 1/8" 증분으로 스케일 조정

Linen Testers are used to magnify objects in a wide range of fine inspection or quality control applications such as textile examination, engraving, or circuit board assembly. Linen Testers possess a compact, folding design to easily move across examined objects for maximum control. Linen Testers allows users to quickly examine multiple objects at any angle without compromising magnification capabilities.

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