Optical Metrology

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CGH Arizona Optical Metrology (AOM) Cylinder Computer Generated Holograms (CGH) 신제품
  • Measure Surface Figure Error of Concave and Convex Cylinder Lenses
  • Diverse Range of Cylindrical f/#s Available
  • Easy to Install and Align
Coating Testing Kits for Military Specifications (MIL-SPEC) Coating Testing Kits for Military Specifications (MIL-SPEC)
  • Test Optical Coatings for Abrasion and Adhesion Resistance per MIL Specifications
  • Includes Instructions and Certifications of Conformance
  • Replacement Erasers, Cheesecloth, and Other Components Available
Spherometer Spherometer
  • Convex나 Concave 반지름 측정을 위해 사용
  • 쉬운 사용
  • 교정을 위한 표준 포함
Lens Stress Analyzers Lens Stress Analyzers 재고정리
  • 렌즈의 응력이나 오염물을 확인할 때 사용
  • 휴대가 가능한 콤팩트한 디자인
  • Bench-Top이나 Phone Clip-On 모델 이용 가능
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