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C and T-Mount Motorized Shutters C and T-Mount Motorized Shutters
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  • Male/Female C- 및 T-Thread가 있어 통합이 간편함
  • TTL 입력을 통한 간편한 On/Off 동작
  • M6 및 1/4-20 Tapped Hole이 있어 포스트 장착 가능
Motorized Shutters Motorized Shutters
  • Microprocessor로 조절되는 움직임
  • USB, RS-232, TTL이나 수동 조절
  • 수백만 번의 셔터 움직임 가능
  • 25와 35mm 구경 셔터

Shutters are used to control the level of light exposure to an optical lens or lens system in a range of applications such as imaging or microscopy. Shutters are manually or motor controlled irises that may be opened or closed to control the level of light that passes through the aperture. Shutters provide an accurate, stable level of light transmission that may be easily adjusted or maintained for repeated implementation. A number of motorized shutters are also available that include several iris control modes for increased versatility.

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