Tweezers and Pliers

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Bamboo Tweezers Bamboo Tweezers
  • 소형 optics를 다루기에 편리함
  • 3 가지 길이의 옵션
  • 비자성 및 비전도성
Non-Marring Tweezers Non-Marring Tweezers
  • 섬세한 일에 적합
Soft Jaw Pliers Soft Jaw Pliers
  • Non-Marring 쿠션 팁
  • Screw-In 쿠션 팁 디자인
  • 교체 팁 별매
Stainless Steel Tweezers Stainless Steel Tweezers
  • Detail 일에 적합
  • 두 가지 스타일

Tweezers and Pliers are used to safely handle sensitive optical components for applications such as inspection or R&D. Tweezers and Pliers feature small or narrow grips designed to prevent scratching or damage of an optical component's surface, providing optimal object manipulation capabilities with minimal danger. Tweezers and Pliers are available in a wide range of materials or designs that are ideal for many optical inspection needs.

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