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Pick-Up Tools

Handheld Pick-up Tool Handheld Pick-up Tool
  • Ideal for Lifting Smooth Optical Components
  • See Through Suction Pads for Accurate Placement
  • Includes 5 Straight Tips and 2 Angle Tips
Handi-Vac® and Pen-Vac® Pick-up Tool Kits Handi-Vac® and Pen-Vac® Pick-up Tool Kits
  • ESD-safe
  • 펜과 Bulb 옵션
  • 다목적 용도의 핸들링 도구
Vacuum Handling Systems Vacuum Handling Systems
  • 10" 및 15" Hg 모델
  • ESD-Safe
  • 작은 광학 파트가 있는 조립 현장에 적합

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Pick-Up Tools are used to safely handle small or sensitive optical components in applications such as inspection. Pick-Up Tools use an array of suction pads to allow direct manipulation of optical components with minimal risk of damage through scratching, abrasion, or contamination. Pick-Up Tools are available in a wide range of options including an assortment of suction heads suitable for many optical inspection needs.

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