JAI Cameras

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JAI Apex Cameras JAI Apex Cameras 신제품
  • High Color Fidelity and Spatial Precision versus Bayer Color Cameras
  • More Accurate Per-Pixel Color Values, Steeper Spectral Curves, Sharper Resolution
  • USB, GigE, and Medical Versions Available
JAI Fusion Cameras JAI Fusion Cameras 신제품
  • Multispectral Camera Designed with Multiple Sensors
  • Designed for 400 – 670nm and 740 – 1000nm Wavelengths
  • Backwards Compatible 10GigE Interface
JAI GO UV Cameras JAI GO UV Cameras 신제품
  • >40% Quantum Efficiency at 280 – 400nm UV Wavelengths
  • Up to 8.1MP Resolution
  • Sony Pregius Sensor, With Xscale Functionality
JAI GO-X Cameras JAI GO-X Cameras 신제품
  • Up to 12.3 MP Resolution
  • USB and GigE Versions Available
  • Longest Industry Warranty (6 Years)
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