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Machine Vision Filters

TECHSPEC® Machine Vision Filters

TECHSPEC® Machine Vision Filters

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TECHSPEC® Machine Vision Filter는 가장 까다로운 머신 비전 및 이미징 용도에 맞게 설계 및 생산되었습니다. TECHSPEC Machine Vision Filter는 특정 UV, VIS, IR 파장을 통과 또는 차단시키며 아주 넓은 입사각을 제공합니다. 이 하드 코팅 필터는 일반적인 필터에 비해 원하지 않는 빛에 대한 탁월한 차단 능력, 뛰어난 내구성과 긴 수명을 제공합니다. 게다가, 이 필터를 사용하면 이미지 contrast를 개선하고 스펙트럼 범위와 색상을 제한할 수 있습니다.

Color Machine Vision Filters
Color Machine Vision Filters

기술 정보

Edmund Optics® new line of TECHSPEC® Machine Vision Filters are designed with the industry’s best performance to cost ratio in mind. With extremely sharp edge transition and flat peak transmission, users are guaranteed the optimal signal-to-noise ratio in their imaging system without losing light intensity that is critical for performance.

On average, the blocking range reaches far into the UV at 200nm and stretches out to 1200nm, which covers most of the noise and UV/IR signatures seen in conventional lamps and bulbs.

The graphs below demonstrate the performance typical to our Machine Vision Filters and other Hard Coated filters. The sharp cut-on and cut-off wavelengths are noticeably apparent, as well as transmission values that are >10% improved over traditional imaging filters on the market.


Filter Thread Outer Diameter (mm) Front Thread (to allow for stacking) Filter Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Thread Length (mm) Clear Aperture CA (mm)
M22.5 x 0.50 24.5 M22.5 x 0.50 20.1 ±0.1 4.5 2.0 18.5
M25.5 x 0.50 27.5 M25.5 x 0.50 23.0 ±0.1 4.5 2.0 21.5
M30.5 x 0.50 32.5 M30.5 x 0.50 28.0 ±0.1 5.0 2.0 26.5
M34.0 x 0.50 36.0 M34.0 x 0.50 31.6 ±0.1 5.0 1.5 30.0
M35.5 x 0.50 37.0 M35.5 x 0.50 33.1 ±0.1 5.0 2.0 31.5
M40.5 x 0.50 42.0 M40.5 x 0.50 38.0 ±0.1 5.0 2.0 36.5
M43.0 x 0.75 45.0 M43.0 x 0.75 40.2 ±0.1 5.0 2.0 39.2
M46.0 x 0.75 48.0 M46.0 x 0.75 43.2 ±0.1 4.8 2.2 41.5
M55.0 x 0.75 57.0 M55.0 x 0.75 52.2 ±0.1 4.8 2.2 50.5
M62.0 x 0.75 65.0 M62.0 x 0.75 59.2 ±0.1 5.5 2.5 57.5

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