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Advanced Illumination UltraSeal Washdown Backlights

  • IP69K Certified for Extreme Washdown Environments
  • Proprietary Housing to Prevent Corrosion and Overheating
  • Intensity Output up to 15,000 Lux
  • Optional Manual Intensity Adjustments (#86-887 and #89-555) Recommended

Advanced Illumination UltraSeal Washdown Backlights offer intense, even illumination up to 15,000 Lux while providing maximum protection in extreme environmental conditions. These IP69K certified backlights feature a crevice-free design to withstand high temperature washdown procedures and material buildup. The proprietary nickel-plated aluminum housing makes these backlights highly corrosion-resistant and eleven times more thermally conductive than stainless steel. Advanced Illumination UltraSeal Washdown Backlights are ideal for hygienic and aseptic manufacturing applications, such as prolonged liquid immersion and high-pressure steam cleaning common in food and beverage inspection and processing.

Note: Requires 24V power supply #66-855. Manual Intensity Adjustment #86-887 and #89-555 are recommended and sold separately.

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