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Allied Vision Alvium Right Angle USB 3.1 Cameras

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  • Right Angle USB Port Orientation
  • Compact, Low Cost, High Performance Design for Machine Vision and Embedded Applications
  • ALVIUM® System on Chip (SoC) Technology with Onboard Imaging Preprocessing
  • Allied Vision Alvium USB 3.1 Cameras Also Available

Allied Vision Alvium Right Angle USB 3.1 Cameras feature ALVIUM® System on Chip (SoC) technology and a right-angle USB port in a lightweight compact form factor, offering a comprehensive image processing library for advanced onboard image correction, preprocessing functions to relieve host computer and processor workload, and allow for easy system integration. In addition to smart camera operations, the unique SoC design also allows for low power consumption and ease of integration, making them ideal for next generation machine vision, robotics and embedded vision applications. The cameras feature a variety of popular Sony Pregius and On Semi CMOS sensors with high image quality, fast frame rate and USB3 Vision interface standard. The actively aligned lens mount minimizes inconsistency and variation. Allied Vision Alvium Right Angle USB 3.1 Cameras feature a 90° right angle USB port and are available in a variety of monochrome, color, and NIR configurations, including C-Mount, CS-Mount, and S-Mount. Full housing versions are best suited for prototyping, development and end user uses. Partial housing and board level configurations have exposed image sensor PCB without heat sinks to reduce space and facilitate system integration making them ideal for OEM embedded design.

Note: Board level versions do not have a lens mount.

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