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PL-E421M Monochrome USB CMOS Camera for Basic Microscopy

재고 #67-933 Clearance
KRW 1,293,500
수량 1-4
KRW 1,293,500
수량 5
KRW 1,228,800
수량 가격
견적 요청

Mounting Threads:
No Mounting Threads/Tripod Adapter
Image Buffer:
Not Specified
Video Output:
USB 2.0
Camera Family:
Model Number:
Monochrome Camera
Type of Sensor:
Progressive Scan CMOS
Type of Shutter:
Camera Sensor Format:
Resolution (MegaPixels):
Pixels (H x V):
1,280 x 1,024
Pixel Size, H x V (μm):
3.2 x 3.2
Sensing Area, H x V (mm):
4.1 x 3.3
Frame Rate (fps):
Pixel Depth:
8/10 bit
Exposure Time:
100μs - 2s
Power Supply:
Power over USB
Power Consumption (W):
Not Specified
Not Specified
Hardware Trigger (GPIO) or Software Trigger
Dimensions (mm):
77.5 x 52.4 x 15.9 (excludes lens mount)
Weight (g):
Interface Port Orientation:
Side Panel
Dynamic Range (dB):
Operating Temperature (°C):
0 to +50
Storage Temperature (°C):
-45 to +85
GPIO Connector Type:
Not Specified

Regulatory Compliance

Reach 174:

제품군의 상세 설명

  • Microscopy Application에 완벽함
  • 특징: Image Measurement과 Overlay Ability
  • High Resolution Sensors
  • Full Software Package와 사용이 가능한 USB 2.0 Microscopy Cameras

PixeLINK® 계열의 카메라는 microscopy를 위한 필수품으로 imaging 작업에 적합합니다. 현미경의 탑 부분에 맞도록 디자인 되었으며 다양한 microscopy 용도를 위한 뛰어난 제품입니다. 포함된 소프트웨어는 PixeLINK® USB 2.0 Cameras for Microscopy 보다 더 향상된 추가 기능들을 특징으로 하며, image measurement와 alignment를 쉽게 할 수 있도록 crosshair처럼 이미지 중첩 기능이 있습니다. 또한 time lapse capture와 다양한 output(AVI, MPG, MPEG, MOV)이 가능한 camera/software 패키지는 연구실용으로 완벽합니다.

각각의 카메라는 USB 2.0 dongle과 함께 배송되며 어떠한 컴퓨터든 연결만 되어 있으면 microscopy software를 사용할 수 있도록 해줍니다. 간단히 소프트웨어를 설치 후 activation dongle을 플러그인하면 작동이 됩니다.

기술 정보

Software Specifications μScope Essentials μScope
PixeLINK® API Control    
Line Profiling: Single, Multiple, Parallel and Polyline Commands Provide Gray/Red/Green/Blue Intensity Values for Specific Lines within an Image. The Profile Data of Each Pixel on the Line Can Be Exported to Microsoft® Excel®.    
Multiple Image File Formats: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, bmp, gif, pcx, tga, mpg, mpeg, avi, mov, img, rpt, txt    
Overlay: Crosshair, Grid Mask, Image, Marker    
Image: Mode Change, Clone, Crop, ROI, Resize, Rotate    
Zoom Control: 100 - 1600% and Fit to Window Options    
Annotation: Line, Arrow, Polyline, Spline, Rectangle, Ellipse, Text    
Image Sequence Control    
Image Editing: Undo, Redo, Copy, Paste, Paste New, Delete, Delete All, Annotate, Image Information    
Multiple Window Configurations    
Export to Excel®: Images with Measurement, Calibration, Annotations, Measurement Data, Statistics, and Chart    
Measurement Parameters: Area, Max Length, Line Length, Center x and y, Angle    
Live Measurement and Overlay: Perform Measurements on the Live Preview Image, Using the Crosshair or Grid Masks to Center and Count. The Grid Masks include Calibration Data.    
Dynamic User Interface    
Manual Calibration    
Report Generator: Create, Insert Images and OLE Objects    
Manual Measurement Tools: 3-Point Circle Functionality, npoint Circle Measurement Functionality, Parallel Line Distance Measurement, Perpendicular Distance Measurement and Object Distance Measurement, Zoom-In Window    
Time Lapse Capture and Movie File Production with Crosshair on Live Preview    
Calibration Marker (Scale Bar) Can Be Placed on the Live Preview Image and Burned in Automatically  
Multiple ROI: Shapes and Copy, Paste, Crop ROI  
Image Processing: manual brightness, contrast, gamma, background subtraction, histogram, clone, crop, ROI, resize, rotate, split, image mode change, grayscale, RGB, HSB, YUV pseudo color view  
Auto and Semi-Auto Calibration  
Profile: Straight line, Polyline, Parallel Line, Select and Change  

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