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TECHSPEC® Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses Provide Selectable Field of View

Adjustable Iris for Depth of Field Control

10/29/2014, Barrington, NJ USA   —

Edmund Optics (EO), the premier provider of optical components, offers its TECHSPEC® Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses. Featuring a telecentric design throughout their entire magnification range, these versatile lenses offer a compact, cost-effective solution for replacing standard fixed focal length lenses.

Two magnification Ranges Available

TECHSPEC® Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses are available in 0.5X – 1.0X and 1.0X - 3.0X options and feature resolutions of >20% @ 75 lp/mm across fields of view ranging from 2.93 to 17.96mm. With a selectable field of view, these lenses provide the exact field of view required to meet the needs of a specific application in a single lens design. An adjustable iris allows for depth of field control for excellent flexibility in a wide variety of gauging and measurement applications.

Lenses provide low distortion images

TECHSPEC Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses offer outstanding image quality with less distortion than conventional fixed focal length lenses. They feature a compact, C-mount compatible design with 2/3 inch sensor coverage to ease system integration. These adjustable f/6 lenses exhibit typical telecentricity of <0.1° and distortion of <0.1% at 588 nm. The low distortion images that are provided combined with the ease of field of view adjustments make these lenses an ideal choice for semiconductor or electronics inspection and factory automation. TECHSPEC Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses are in-stock and available for immediate delivery for fast turnaround and excellent value.

TECHSPEC® Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses will be on display at the Edmund Optics Booth (Hall 1, Booth E 41) during VISION (Stuttgart, Germany).

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