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Modified Standard Made Easy

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Standard Optics: Customized in 2-3 Weeks

Edmund Optics® makes modifying standard components easy by simplifying the pathway to production. Leveraging an extensive inventory of optical components, we can make modifications to our standard components in just 2 – 3 weeks. Our modification services include customizing the size, shape, and edges of standard optics, improving surface figure or accuracy of an optical surface, sorting, mounting, kitting, inspection, and more! Download our Capabilities Guide to learn more.

One Standard Optic = Infinite Possibilities

Modified Stock

Modification Services Offered

Modified Stock
Modified Stock
Modified Stock
Diameter Reduction
Linear Cut to Size
Sorting or Inspection
Mounting, Kitting, or Serialization
Core Drilling & Through-Hole
Edge Blackening
Surface Improvement
Sphere to Asphere

Looking to Modify a Lens, Mirror, Window, or Filter? Get Started Now!


Request a quote to change the coating or diameter for, or to edge blacken an off-the-shelf lens.

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Windows or Filters

Request a quote for a different size, shape, or coating for, or to edge blacken, an off-the-shelf window.

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Request a quote for a different geometry or coating for an off-the-shelf mirror.

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Contact Us to Start Modifying Today!

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