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Higher Educational Award – Terms and Conditions


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Edmund Optics Educational Award

In an effort to support outstanding undergraduate and graduate optics programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at non-profit colleges and universities ("Higher Ed Optics Programs" or "Programs"), Edmund Optics ("EO") will be awarding 30 global awards to such Programs. All awards will be in the form of product donations to the Program. EO will make 15 awards available in the Americas and, Asia Pacific combined, as well as 15 Awards in Europe, in the following amounts:

  • Gold: $10,000 in Products
  • Silver: $7,500 in Products
  • Bronze: $5,000 in Products
  • Finalist Awards: (12) $500 Product Matching Awards – If you place an order of $500, you can select additional TECHSPEC® products up to $500 in value for free

Who May Apply?

Anyone involved in an existing or newly formed Higher Education Optics Program (who has reached the age of majority in their state of residence) may submit an application, including undergraduate and graduate students, PhD students, lab managers, teaching assistants and professors.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for an Educational Award, simply go to www.edmundoptics.com/award and complete an application that we think should take you less than 10 minutes. The application requests information about you, the Higher Ed Optics Program in which you are involved and the types of products you would select if (i) your Program was to receive an Educational Award and (ii) you could direct how the award was spent. APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON OR BEFORE Friday, June 24, 2022.

Should I Encourage Other People in My Program to Apply?

Yes. While there is no advantage to you submitting multiple Educational Award applications, EO welcomes applications from other people involved in your Program. To the extent these other peoples' applications provide additional information about your Program, they may increase the chance of your Program receiving an Educational Award.

Who Receives the Educational Award?

Educational Awards will be given only to Optics Programs at non-profit colleges or universities located inside or outside of the United States that agree to the Educational Award terms set by EO. Such terms may include a release of liability, product use and transferability restrictions and conditions related to EO publicizing the award. In the event a college or university refuses to agree to any such terms, EO will select another Program to receive the Educational Award. Educational Awards will not be awarded to the individuals who apply for the Educational Award.

How Will EO Decide Which Program Gets an Educational Award?

The Programs that receive awards ("Award Recipients") will be determined at the sole discretion of the EO Educational Award Team.
The Educational Award Team will select Recipients as follows: First, from the Programs for which EO has received applications, the Award Team will select a series of finalists. Second, the Award Team may ask those who submitted applications on behalf of these finalists for more detailed information about their Programs. Finally, based on the information received from these finalists and the information in their original award applications, the Award Team will choose from these finalists Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Recipients.

The Award Team will select finalists and the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Recipients based on the following criteria:

  • Technical Merit: Application of optics in the Program
  • Innovation: Innovative use of optics in a lab or research setting

What Can the Award Recipient Do With the Educational Award?

Award Recipients may use their Educational Award to purchase (1) EO Optics, (2) TECHSPEC® Imaging Lenses or (3) TECHSPEC® mechanics, as viewed online or in the EO catalog. There will be no substitutions for other product categories and no cash will be provided. Limitations may apply to products that are not in stock or that are on backorder. Products selected by the Award Recipients will be valued at the retail price at the time of the award redemption. EO will pay the Award Recipient's product shipping costs, but EO is not responsible for any customs or duties that may apply.

What Are the Important Dates That I Need to Know?

June 24, 2022: Educational Award application deadline

September 16, 2022: Finalists selected

November 11, 2022: Gold, Silver, Bronze Award Recipients and Norman Edmund winners announced via email and on EO's website

Other Rules

  • No purchase is necessary to submit an application or receive an Educational Award.
  • EO reserves the right to exclude award applications submitted by family members of EO's employees and vendors.
  • By submitting an award application, the person submitting the application agrees that EO may contact him or her via email and U.S. Mail about EO products and services.
  • EO is not responsible for any federal, state or local taxes or tax-reporting obligations that arise in connection with any award.
  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze award must be used within 12 months of award notice with a maximum of 3 transactions. Finalist awards must be used by December 31, 2022.

Norman Edmund Inspiration Award

The 30 global EO Educational Award finalists will be eligible for the Norman Edmund Inspiration Award – an additional $5,000 USD in product donations.

All finalists will be asked to answer one additional qualification question as part of the application process. The Norman Edmund Inspiration Award will be determined at the sole discretion of the Edmund Optics Board of Directors Committee and awarded to the program that best embodies the legacy of Edmund Optics' founder Norman Edmund. Mr. Edmund has been the creator and entrepreneurial spirit behind Edmund Scientific, which later evolved into Edmund Optics. He is credited with inspiring many generations of young talent to become interested in science and engineering through his thought-provoking catalog of optics, science experiments, and learning tools. He is remembered by all for his generosity, curiosity, and love of science.

Edmund Optics will announce the winner of the Norman Edmund Inspiration Award on November 11, 2022. All terms and conditions listed above apply to the redemption of the Norman Edmund Inspiration Award.

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