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4.0 - 36.0mm Optic Dia., Self-Centering Jaw Clamp

Self-Centering Jaw Clamps

Self-Centering Jaw Clamps

재고 #16-077 신제품
KRW 169,000
수량 1-4
KRW 169,000
수량 5
KRW 152,100
수량 가격
견적 요청

Type of Optics:
Size of Compatible Optics (mm):
36.0 (Max.)
Outer Diameter (mm):
Weight (lbs):
Black Anodized Aluminum
Compatible Post:
M4 x 0.7, 8-32

Regulatory Compliance

제품군의 상세 설명

  • Two Mount Sizes Available, for 4mm-36mm and 5mm-100mm Dia. Optics
  • Optical Centerline Remains Constant Regardless of Optical Diameter
  • Mounts Feature Both Metric and English Tapped Mounting Holes

Self-Centering Jaw Clamps are ideal for easily interchanging optics of different diameters in a system while maintaining a constant optical centerline of the system. Mounts are available for either mounting 4mm to 36mm diameter optics (#16-077) or 5mm to 100mm diameter optics (#16-078). The small jaw clamp features both M4 x 0.7 and 8-32 tapped mounting holes, while the large jaw clamp features both M6 x 1.0 and ¼”-20 tapped mounting holes. The stainless-steel tipped jaws feature a v-groove to help vertical alignment of thinner optics. Self-Centering Jaw Clamps are directly mountable to TECHSPEC® Stainless Steel Mounting Posts and Pedestal Posts.

기술 정보

Outer Diameter (mm) Min. Optic Diameter (mm) Max. Optic Diameter (mm) A (mm) B C Stock No. 
58 4 36 74 #8-32 M4 x 0.7 #16-077
138 5 100 166 ¼-20 M6 x 1.0 #16-078

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