Ultraviolet Lasers – TRENDING IN OPTICS: EPISODE 2

Many laser applications are trading in their visible and infrared laser sources for ultraviolet (UV) lasers because the high-energy UV photons allow for improved precision and less peripheral heating. However, traditional UV lasers are large and expensive, making them impractical for cost- or weight-sensitive applications. Thankfully, a new generation of compact, cost-effective UV lasers is allowing more applications to take advantage of short UV wavelengths. Learn more in this conversation with Cory Boone, Lead Technical Marketing Engineer at Edmund Optics, and Kyle Firestone, Technical Marketing Engineer at Edmund Optics.


This is Episode 2 in the Trending in Optics Video Series, in which one key trend in the optics and photonics industry is highlighted every month. These conversations seek to shed some light on trending topics in optics and industry. Information on more technological and application advancements can be found at https://www.edmundoptics.com/knowledge-center/trending-in-optics/.

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