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EO Acquires Quality Thin Films; Strengthens Position as Laser Optics Manufacturer - PhotonicsNEXT 2021

Edmund Optics® greatly expanded internal laser optics manufacturing capabilities after acquiring Quality Thin Films, Inc. (QTF) in late 2020. QTF, located outside of Tampa, Florida, offers a wide range of optical components with high laser damage and laser crystal coatings from the UV to the far IR. This acquisition, with its 14,000 square foot facility and talented laser optics experts, supports Edmund Optics to further expand its laser optics manufacturing capabilities across crystal and glass fabrication, polishing, metrology, high laser damage threshold coatings, low group delay dispersion (GDD) coatings for ultrafast lasers, diamond-like carbon coatings, inspection, and testing. Learn more at www.edmundoptics.com/qtf

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