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6-pin Hirose HR10 Power Supply, 1.8m Cable, Universal



재고 #63-859
KRW 128,700
수량 1-4
KRW 128,700
수량 5+
KRW 122,300
수량 가격
견적 요청
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Length of Cable (m):
Camera Accessory

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 211:


  • Ultra-Compact Housing
  • Progressive Scan
  • Adjustable Frame Rate via Binning, Sub-sampling or AOI
  • Powerful Easy to Use Software Interface

The EO GigE cameras are equipped with a host of features to make machine vision easy. Included with each camera is a software interface that allows users to set a specified Area of interest (AOI), gain, exposure time, frame rate, trigger delay and even digital output (flash) delay and duration. Users can set the exposure, gain and white balance to a specified level or allow the camera to adjust these parameters automatically. The camera software allows capturing of still images in JPEG and Bitmap file format or video in AVI format. In addition, the software can perform edge enhancement, image mirroring and image binning, in the vertical and horizontal directions, as well as hot pixel correction. Direct Show (WDM), ActiveX and TWAIN drivers as well as SDK documentation are included.

Note: Power supply is required for operation and sold separately. For compatible power supply and tripod mount adapter see in each camera’s specification. GigE cables (required for operation) and capture cards also available. Drivers and manuals available for download.

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