Zaber™ Motorized Goniometers

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  • 회전 반경 옵션: 40mm, 60mm
  • 컴팩트한 시스템을 위한 작은 설치 면적
  • 허용 중심 하중: 30N(최대 3kg)
  • 내장형 200 CPR(Counts per Revolution) 모터 장착 엔코더와 사용 가능

Zaber™ Motorized Goniometers provide electronically controlled, precise angular adjustment of an object about a fixed point located above the center of the mounting surface. Featuring a built-in controller, these goniometers can be controlled manually with an indexed control knob or computer controlled via RS-232 communication or via USB with the included software. Encoder version are available for all travel options, with 200 Counts per Revolution (CPR) rotary quadrature encoders integrated into the stepper motor. Zaber™ Motorized Goniometers are ideal for providing tip and tilt adjustment for optical components in laser alignment and beam steering applications. These goniometers feature an interlocking alignment system to ensure a common center of rotation when the 40mm and 60mm options are stacked, and can be daisy-chained with additional stages using only one power supply for ease of system integration.

Note: A 24-48 VDC universal power supply, data cables for daisy chaining, and computer interface cables (USB or RS-232) are sold separately as accessories.

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