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Also known as Abbe constant, it inversely quantifies the amount of dispersion in an optical medium. It is given by a function of the refractive index of a material at the f (486.1nm), d (587.6nm), and c (656.3nm) wavelengths. A material with a high Abbe number means that the different wavelengths will have nearly the same index of refraction in that medium, yielding less separation between wavelengths of light.

aberration (수차)

광학 시스템의 완성 단계에서 이미지 생성 시 불완전한 광선이 휘어지는 현상에 의해 제품에 발생하는 빛의 굴곡. 모든 광학 시스템에서 수차는 필연적으로 존재합니다. 가장 일반적인 수차의 종류로는 색수차, 구면수차, 비대칭수차(coma), 비점수차(astigmatism), 상면 만곡(field curvature) 및 왜곡이 있습니다.

Absolute Efficiency

Regarding diffraction gratings, it is the actual percentage of incident monochromatic light diffracted into a specific order. Also referred to as grating efficiency or relative efficiency.

  See also Diffraction Grating


Light energy lost through transformation to another form, such as heat, while passing through a material.

Acceptance Angle

The maximum angle within which an optical fiber, electro-optic detector, or other component can collect light.

Achromatic (무채색)

두 파장에서 기본 색수차에 대한 보정. 가장 간단한 형태는 achromatic doublet으로서, 이는 positive crown glass 1개와 negative flint glass 1개를 서로 접합한 2개의 광학 요소(element)로 구성됩니다.

Achromatic Objective

A type of microscope objective that has a flat field in approximately 65% of the center of the image, compared to the 80% of a Semi-Plan objective and the 95% of a Plan objective. They correct for chromatic aberration in the red and blue wavelengths and spherical aberration in the green wavelength.

Airy Disk

aperture를 통해 완벽하게 보이는 점광원의 이미지에 의해 형성되는 회절 패턴으로서, 주변부는 회절 링(diffraction ring) 그리고 중심부는 밝은 형태로 구성됩니다.

Amici Prism

Also known as a right angle roof prism, it inverts the image and changes the line of sight by 90°, still having left to right correct. It is essentially a right angle prism with a roof.

  See also Prism


An electro-optical device for increasing the incident signal from a photodiode, photmultiplier, or similar current/voltage source.

  See also Photodiode

Analog Signal

A signal that continuously changes over time with respect to a reference level or standard. Analog-to-digital signal conversion involves sampling an analog signal at high frequency and representing each sample level by a number, stored as binary data. Analog cameras output analog video signals unlike digital cameras, in which case the analog-to-digital conversion takes place in the camera rather than in a computer.


이미징 시스템의 objective lens 위에 올려놓은 polarizing filter로서 편광 조명 기기와 함께 사용되며, 특정 polarization light만을 이미징 처리합니다.  

Angle of Incidence

The angle formed between a ray of light and the normal point of incidence to the surface it approaches.

Angle of Reflection

The angle formed between a ray of light and the normal point of incidence to the surface it leaves.

  See also Angle of Incidence

Angle Tolerance

The maximum angle between surfaces measured using an autocollimator assembly.

Angular Field of View (AFOV)

센서의 수평 크기에 대해, 일반적으로 전체 각도(degree 단위)로 지정되는 원뿔 모양의 렌즈 시야각. 주어진 working distance에서 FOV 값을 결정하는 데 사용됩니다. 


The chemical oxidation of the surface of aluminum components to prevent corrosion and increase abrasion resistance. Black anodizing is not only cosmetically appealing, but also does not reflect light in optical, imaging and photonics systems.

Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating

optics에 적용되는 코팅의 한 유형으로서 광학 시스템 내부의 반사를 최소화하고 출력을 극대화하도록 설계됨.

  See also Cube Beamsplitter

Aperture (f/#)

Also denoted by f-number (or f/#) and f-stop. In optics, it refers to the ratio of the focal length to diameter; whereas, in imaging, it refers to the ratio of the focal length to exit pupil of the system. A low f/# (fast lens) has high light collecting ability while a high f/# (slow lens) has low light light collecting ability.

Aperture Stop (구경 조리개)

광학 시스템에 허용되는 빛의 양을 제한하기 위해 사용되는 조리개를 의미. 이러한 조리개는 광학 렌즈 면이나 iris가 될 수 있지만, 항상 물리적 표면(physical surface)으로 존재합니다.


세 파장에서 기본 색수차에 대한 보정.

Argon-Ion Laser

A type of gas laser that uses argon ions as the amplification (lasing) medium. Although argon-ion lasers are generally larger and less efficient than Helium Neon (HeNe) lasers, they can be used to produce a wider variety of wavelengths.

Aspect Ratio

The ratio of width to height in a video device. NTSC, PAL, EIA, and CCIR video signals use a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Aspheric Lens

A type of lens that is not spherical in construction. Its non-spherical geometric shape allows it to correct for spherical aberrations, inherently present in spherical optics.

  See also Hybrid Molding


The loss of average optical power, usually given as decibels (dB) per unit distance.

  See also Decibel (dB)


A single instrument combining the functions of a telescope and a collimator to detect small angular displacement of an optical flat by means of its own generated collimated light.

  See also Collimation , Collimated Light

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

light level 변화에도 그레이스케일 값을 일정하게 유지하도록 카메라에 사용되는 제어 장치로서 signal gain value를 자동 조절합니다.

  See also Gain

Average Extinction

When two polarizers are placed in front of a light source with transmission axes at 90 degrees to each other, the theoretical transmission should reach zero percent of the input. Because real polarizers will not reach this limit, average extinction is cited as a measure of how closely polarizers approach the theoretical limit.

Axial Illumination (동축 조명)

광축을 따라 피사체를 비추는 빛을 의미하며 이러한 빛은 일반적으로 렌즈 전면에 위치한 beamsplitter에 의해 유입됩니다.

Axial Runout

For rotary stages, this is the amount of vertical motion of the stage as it rotates, measured with respect to the center of rotation.


A conical prism, defined by its alpha and apex angles, that focuses a light source to a line consisting of multiple points along the optical axis. A beam generated by an axicon crosses the optical axis and forms a ring of increasing diameter over distance while maintaining a constant ring thickness.

Spherical optics, aspheric lenses, prisms, imaging lenses, imaging 및 laser optics assemblies, 그리고 mechanics는 EO 전문 제품의 일부에 지나지 않습니다.

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