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20" x 24", R3409 Roscosun 1/4 CTO Rosco Filter

Roscolux® Color Filters

Roscolux® Color Filters

재고 #19-209 신제품
KRW 63,700
수량 1+
KRW 63,700
수량 가격
견적 요청

Thickness (mm):
Rosco Filter
Dimensions (mm):
508 x 609.6
Roscosun 1/4 CTO
Dimensions (inches):
20 x 24
Thickness (inches):
Filter Number:

Regulatory Compliance

제품군의 상세 설명

  • Wide Range of Color and Diffusion Filters
  • Heat Resistant and Flame Retardant
  • Extruded Polycarbonate and Deep-Dyed Polyester Substrates
  • Roscolux® Filter Swatchbook Also Available

Roscolux® Color Filters offer an extensive range of high-temperature, flame-retardant color and diffusion filters for a wide range of applications. Unlike coated color filters, both plastic filter types are manufactured to provide superior color stability and durability. These thin filters can be easily cut to size for simple integration. The polycarbonate extrusion process and polyester deep-dye techniques ensure uniform color throughout the filter, making them more resistant to fading and color shifts. The polycarbonate substrates include inherent fire-retardant additives, passing the strictest flame-retardant standards in the US and Europe (M1, B1, C1, BS3944 PART 1 1992, NFPA 701). Roscolux® Color Filters are ideal for a wide range of applications including photography, cinematography, illumination, and machine vision.

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