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Samuel Sadoulet Named President of Edmund Optics

1/30/2014, Barrington, NJ USA   —

Edmund Optics®, the premier provider of optical components, announces the appointment of Samuel Sadoulet as President. Mr. Sadoulet, who has filled the role of Chief Operating Officer for more than a year, will also retain that title as he continues to lead the company's corporate technology, global engineering, and manufacturing operations.

Robert Edmund, CEO, stated that Mr. Sadoulet will reinforce Edmund Optics’ core focus on service. "When my father, Norman Edmund, formed this company in 1942 he emphasized the importance of meeting customer expectations," said Mr. Edmund. "Sam has committed to the doctrine of service — becoming a champion of our company’s principle that service to customers is paramount." Mr. Edmund noted that through more than 70 years the company has remained dedicated to the mission of being the world’s preferred supplier of optical components, even throughout EO’s global expansion.

Robert and the Board of Directors agreed that Mr. Sadoulet is the right person to lead the operations of the company as EO continues to adapt to an ever-changing global marketplace. "He is truly a modern global citizen." Mr. Sadoulet’s work across many divisions within the company — from front-line sales, to technology development, to manufacturing — provides him with the wide-ranging experience necessary to guide Edmund Optics into the future.

Mr. Edmund will continue to act as Edmund Optics’ CEO and Chairman of the Board. He expressed his confidence that "Sam’s focus on innovation across the organization will enhance the customer experience as we move into the next phase of growth."

Mr. Sadoulet is a member of the OSA, SPIE, and the Automated Imaging Association. He holds a MS in optical sciences from the University of Arizona and a BS in physics from the University of Rochester, and recently received his Executive MBA from INSEAD.

Feel free to congratulate Mr. Sadoulet in person during Photonics West 2014 at Edmund Optics Booth #1514.

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